Event Slide 05 – August 2015

6:30 – Ed Baker – Technical Evanglist @ Microsoft – Office 365 and EMS – Better together

In this session you will see how Office 365 can be used with the Enterprise Mobility Suite to provide a secure remote working environment on both domain and non-domain joined devices. Find out how to secure files that leave your organisation using RMS File Protection and to protect services using Multi Factor Authentication. We will also explore new functionality in Windows 10 enabling devices to be remotely wiped if they are lost or stolen.



7:45 – Martin Boam– Consultant @ Risual – What’s coming in Skype for Broadcast meetings

In this session will cover how to deliver large scale meetings / webinars using Skype for Business Broadcast meetings due for release later this year. Discover what Skype for Business Broadcast meetings are and how they can be used to broadcast Skype meetings for up to 10,000 attendees joining from any device! Find out what’s required to use Skype for Business Broadcast meetings and how to use it in your organisation as an broadcast event team member and as an attendee, including how to schedule and customise meetings, join broadcast meetings and much more. .

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